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Baby Boomers and Health Care

Baby Boomers and Health Care

Baby Boomers and Health Care

The seventy six million baby boomers retiring within the next eighteen years can place a burden on the already weak health care system. i do know I actually have been retired for sixteen years and can be eligible for health care in four months.

I ought to be happy, I actually have had ruinous ($10,000 deductible) insurance for the last fifteen years. i'm /was trying forward to aiming to the doctor once unwell... rather than taking acetylsalicylic acid and material possession time do the healing. health care was moneyed to American state.

My current GP recently gave American state the happy news he's dropping health care thanks to the reduced payments to doctors...wonderful! assume the five hundred billion "health care reform" is taking away of health care can facilitate matters? I don't assume therefore.

The unhappy facts square measure that health care are running out of cash in 2019. It presently makes up V-J Day of the federal budget. There square measure presently forty six million Americans lined underneath health care. In twenty years time there'll be seventy seven million on health care...a common fraction increase into Associate in Nursing already sick system.

Think the politicians can fix this? health care and Social Security square measure the third-rail of yankee politics...everyone realizes they need to be mounted however nobody desires to commit seppuku to try and do therefore in person.

Baby boomers ought to bear in mind of this case. For those nearing retirement they must visit their current GP to envision if they take health care and can they take health care within the future.

What is the solution to the present dilemma? keep tuned it ought to be extremely attention-grabbing.