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Dior is sailing down the Seine in its first-ever floating luxury experience


We've seen Dior spas at hotels like the Plaza Athenaeum and the new Cheval Blanc hotel in Paris. And with Dior's luxury beauty products, these spas are one of a kind, many of which are only available at Dior Spas. But in the past two weeks, Dior has made an unprecedented move, sailing three single suites and one double suite that can be moved five times a day. The Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris Cruise is sailing on the Seine and stopping tomorrow.


The cruise kicks off at the start of Haute Couture week and celebrates Christian Dior and how much he loves the City of Light. Dior and Cheval Blanc Paris' goal was to create groundbreaking experiences through health, beauty and skin care. Disembarking on the right bank of Port Deville across from the Eiffel Tower, guests can enjoy a two-hour experience with a variety of package options including one-hour facial and body treatments, as well as sports options. Only 5 passengers are allowed per cruise. Boats can be hired privately for half-day or evening events.


Dior Prestige Cruise | 2 hour cruise with 1 hour facial | 752 USD

l'or life Cruise | 2 hour cruise including 1 hour facial | 752 USD

Dior Energizing Cruise | 2 hour cruise including 1 hour body massage | $672

Dior Relax Cruise | 2 hour cruise including body massage | $672

privatization trip double suite for 2 | 2 hour cruise including 2 hour face or body massage | 1505 dollars

Sports cruise | 1 hour cruise including 50 minutes sport | $150


Inspired by the luxury of the Bande de la Samaritaine, a historic 19th-century water bath along the Pont Neuf on the Seine was once a place for the wealthy to enjoy medicinal spa treatments and steams. Bathing and hydrotherapy. "There were about 100 cabins offering beauty treatments, the father of the modern spa and incredibly technical equipment for its time," the house said in a note.

The upper deck has wicker furniture and awnings in blue toile de Jouy, a house style reimagined by Maria Grazia Chiuri. For a moment you feel like you are cruising the French Riviera. The basement is where all the treatments take place. The two lower floors contain a lounge and four treatment rooms.

Relaxing and invigorating body therapies work on every muscle, every patch of skin and mind. It lasts 60 minutes and is physical, emotional and psychological. These treatments are the flag of Dior and the hands of Dior Beauty Ambassadors.

After treatment, guests are taken to the indoor lounge or the rooftop terrace for a cocktail to enjoy Paris before returning to Port de Villey. When guests disembark, they can walk the same paths that Monsieur Dior walked the Parisian parks and feel the Maison's founder's love for the French capital, its buildings and monuments.


Cheval Blanc Dior Spa


If you don't have time for a cruise, head over to Hotel Cheval Blanc and pamper yourself in the spa downstairs. The boutique exudes the charm of a Parisian apartment with its warm colors and floral paintings. Here you can find the latest perfume collections and home collections.


For oily to dry skin, our experts can assist with facial treatments. The right know-how in dermatology to improve health is a top priority.


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