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Local Nutritious, Delicious and Culturally Connected Food


Nutritious, tasty and culturally relevant meals

A cooked meal fills the hunger gap

Harnessing the power of food banks, Minnesota Central Kitchen prioritizes communities of color to provide ready-to-eat, nutritious meals to those who need them most.


The program began early in the pandemic to save food, rehire laid-off restaurant workers, and deliver urgently needed meals to growing communities of people facing rice field hunger.

Today, through our strong network of over 100 kitchen partners, we work to bring ready-to-eat meals to every community.

The power of cooked food

Nothing beats having dinner made for you, especially when you're facing hurdles in preparing your own meals. That's what Minnesota Central Kitchen is all about.

Many people face hunger, and receiving food only solves part of the problem. This is because many people today do not have the time, the kitchen, or the ability to cook.

Families who work multiple jobs and live paycheck to paycheck are running out of time to cook.

My homeless neighbor doesn't have a kitchen.

The elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions may find it difficult to prepare their own meals.

Ready-to-eat meals make nutritious, well-prepared foods within reach of more people.


Infographic with updated statistics about the MCK program

dinner is ready! How does the Minnesota Central Kitchen work?

1. Save more food

Our partners in the kitchen include restaurants, caterers and more. Through this program, they order and receive 60% of their meal ingredients from the Second Harvest Heartland food bank's supply chain, reducing food waste.

2. Make a home cooked meal

These expert culinary teams transform ingredients into individual and family meals. Minnesota Central Kitchen partners with a variety of restaurants, and takes special pains to create meals that taste like the home of colorful communities.


3. Hand it over to hungry neighbors

Our network of trusted partners then brings the meals to dozens of locations in our area for individuals and families to enjoy. Most meals are served cold for reheating at home, but some are served warm and ready to eat.