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Definition, Features, Benefits, Strengths, Weaknesses of YouTube

Definition of YouTube features, advantages, strengths, weaknesses

Definition of YouTube in general

YouTube is a website that allows users to save, watch and publicly share videos. YouTube is the best place/medium to share videos from all over the world ranging from short videos, tutorials, vlogs, short films, movie trailers, music, education, animation, entertainment, news, television and various other interesting information. The growth of smartphone and internet users is increasing, which makes YouTube videos more varied.

In general, most YouTube content is uploaded by individuals, i.e. content creators/Youtubers. In its development, content creators aren't just working alone, they're starting to form teams to speed up the editing and reset process for the next content idea. Media and television companies such as CNN, CNBC, TRANSTV, KOMPAS, as well as organizations and institutions have also started sharing videos through the YouTube channel.

Unregistered users can only watch videos. Meanwhile, registered users can download unlimited videos, subscribe to favorite channels, and get user-related/most-watched content. Users who choose the premium plan are free from ads, can watch videos offline by downloading them via smartphone, and can run in the background.

In addition, YouTube also provides provisions for offensive content. Users under the age of 18 are not allowed to watch these offensive videos. This is to prevent teenagers and children from watching videos carelessly. The YouTube Kids app is also available for children under 13.

YouTube Featured Features

In its development, YouTube continues to provide a variety of cool features to make users feel comfortable and at home using it. One of the biggest new features on YouTube today is YouTube Stories where users (Youtubers) can create stories. This feature is identical to Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories. For more details, check out some of YouTube's main features below;

1. Annotations

Anonymization is a feature that allows video uploaders to recommend other videos in the form of links or boxes on the currently playing video. This feature is very useful and profitable for the downloaders because their recommended videos have an opportunity to watch. Annotations look best when displayed at the end of the video so as not to distract the viewer while watching the video.

But annotations that display unnaturally and disturb the audience will cause a problem. As a viewer, users can turn off the annotation feature for each video they watch. Users can select the Settings icon on the video being watched and then turn off the annotation feature.

2. Autoplay

Autoplay is an autoplay feature that allows users to play/watch videos on the next recommendation. When the autoplay function is active, YouTube plays the next video according to the user's interests and preferences. This is also related to the super smart YouTube algorithm.

The assumption is that when users watch and listen to music on YouTube until it is finished, YouTube will play the next music video, with the same genre or singer. This also applies to other viewing videos, whether podcasts, politics, economics, technology, games, vlogs, etc. If the user does not like this feature, they can disable it through the Settings menu and then disable the Autoplay section or through the YouTube video recommendation sidebar.

3. Video Speed

Next is the Speed feature where users can use this feature to speed up or slow down the video. This feature is very useful for users who watch video tutorials to facilitate the explanation of videos. Users can click the Settings menu and then adjust the video speed in the "Playback Speed" section according to their wants and needs.

To slow down the video, viewers can set it between 0.25 and 0.75. Meanwhile, to speed things up, the audience can be anywhere between 1.25 and 1.75. For normal speed is 1. If needed, audience can adjust the speed through Costume option.

4. Subtitles

YouTube also introduces a captions feature where users can understand every word/phrase spoken in a video. Whether it's music videos, movie trailers, tutorials, documentation or conversations. This feature will definitely be very useful for viewers who do not understand foreign languages, especially English. Subtitle options can be seen in the Settings menu section, then select Subtitles. Viewers can choose subtitles according to the language they understand.

This feature will be available when the downloader adds a subtitle option to the video. Apart from that, it is also possible for viewers or contributors to add subtitles. With contributors, there will be many more language options for subtitles.


YouTube also offers a download feature for smartphones and tablets so users can watch videos offline. This feature is only available on the YouTube app, not for smartphone and computer browsers. Users can find this feature while watching any video on YouTube. Download quality can also be adjusted: low (144p), medium (360p) and high (720p). Users can also set downloads only when connected to WiFi.

But not all content can be downloaded for free, music and premium video content cannot be downloaded and watched offline. Users need to subscribe to YouTube Premium in order to download and watch it offline.

6. Live broadcast

Live streaming started to be developed by YouTube in 2009. Live streaming feature is only available for some YouTube partners, not for all users. These periods are the period of development and testing of Live Streaming, in collaboration with third parties. In 2017, live streaming began to be used publicly, alongside the introduction of the Super Chat feature so users could comment on each other.

7. 360 degree videos

In January 2015, Google introduced the 360 degree video feature on YouTube. This feature allows users to upload and watch 360 degree videos using a virtual reality headset. Still, few Indonesian YouTube users watch 360 degree videos. The reason may be that the price of VR is quite expensive and not really necessary.

8. YouTube Stories

In 2018, YouTube also introduced YouTube Stories or another term "YouTube Reels". This feature is very same as Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories. This feature is only available to YouTubers or channels with at least 10,000 subscribers. This feature allows creators to upload photos and videos up to 1 minute long and disappear for 24 hours.

9. Premium YouTube

YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) is a premium (paid) feature for users who wish to subscribe. By subscribing to YouTube Premium, users can watch videos ad-free, download videos offline, and get exclusivity in watching YouTube Originals videos, from Drama, Comedy, Animation, Documentary and others.

YouTube Benefits

As a platform, YouTube of course has myriad benefits for all of us. YouTube is not just an entertainment medium, YouTube can also be used as a business field, learning medium, popularity and income. To learn more, check out some of the following YouTube benefits:

1. Get revenue from Google Adsense

YouTube is one of the best platforms that can provide benefits to its users and content creators i.e. Content Creators or Youtubers. You also have the opportunity to earn money on YouTube through the Google Adsense program. You can start by creating a YouTube channel, as well as create unique, creative and entertaining content.

Even so, you should also read the terms and conditions of YouTube so that the videos can be monetized. A channel has a minimum monetization requirement of 4,000 watch hours over 12 months and has 1,000 subscribers. In addition to the Google Adsense program, Youtubers also have the option of working with third parties, whether companies, individuals or SMEs.

2. Unlimited entertainment

Another advantage of YouTube is that users can get unlimited entertainment and access it at their leisure. A variety of exciting, interesting and entertaining content is available on YouTube. Users can watch a variety of exciting entertainment offered by content from YouTube creators ranging from drama, movies, music, motivational, inspirational, podcasts and others. Even TV shows are also starting to enter YouTube starting with Talk Show programs, soap operas, dramas, FTV and others.

3. As media promotion

Digital media is indeed more powerful than conventional media. YouTube has been considered by many small and large businesses as the cheapest and most targeted promotional medium. YouTube is starting to be used as a new medium to promote a company's product or image. This is not only done by businesses, institutions like universities, schools, and social organizations also use YouTube.

Integration with Google Adsense will also showcase their products more widely and to the fullest. It is not uncommon for companies to also start working with Youtubers to endorse their products.

4. As a free learning medium

Apart from being a promotional medium, YouTube is the best platform to learn any skill freely and for free. Users can learn a lot of things from YouTube, from video editing, graphic design, coding, internet marketing, business, cooking, fishing, etc. Even school learning from elementary, middle, high school to university has also started to enter YouTube.

5. Source of information

YouTube is now becoming the main source of information. Users can find releases of tech products, music, infotainment, and other cool stuff directly from YouTube. Tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, SAMSUNG also usually do live streaming to showcase their products. All TV media and digital companies have YouTube channels so that all news and information is updated, including even trivial news and information.

Advantages and disadvantages of YouTube

YouTube as a platform also has positive and negative impacts on its users. YouTube is like social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., whose main purpose is to keep users happy and spend time watching videos. For that, consider the following pros and cons of YouTube :

Benefits of YouTube

  • Be a source of complete and up-to-date information.
  • Become a source of income.
  • Limitless media channel creativity.
  • The best targeted promotional materials.
  • Media to learn certain skills for free.

Disadvantages of YouTube

  1. There is a lot of content that is not suitable for children. On YouTube, there is a lot of vulgar content that is absolutely okay for kids to watch. Especially when children are free to watch videos without parental supervision, it will be very dangerous. Even though the YouTube Kids app is available, who can make sure everything is under control?
  2. HOAX news circulates a lot on YouTube. It is indeed true, there are many slanderers and buzzers who like to HOAX news without a clear source and are able to influence many people. It is a duty for all of us to be careful while using YouTube and other social media.
  3. Some countries block YouTube. Countries like China, Iran, Turkey, North Korea and others block YouTube on the grounds that the content is vulgar and contains content that is "dangerous" to national unity and sovereignty. Even so, some people use a VPN so they can continue using YouTube.
  4. Reduce productivity. Due to the large amount of entertainment, users can get addicted to YouTube. Watching YouTube videos can be a waste of valuable time, etc.


YouTube is a video sharing service developed by a former PayPal employee in February 2005. YouTube has many benefits for all of us, from learning to business to entertainment. Even so, users should also use YouTube wisely, filter all content presented by content creators and digital media. When a platform is used for positive things, the impact will also be positive for all of us.

This is the information and explanation from me regarding the meaning of YouTube, the history of YouTube, the pros and cons of YouTube. Share this article on your social networks to make it more useful and helpful. If there is anything you would like to ask or pass on, please write it in the comments column below. THANKS!

What are YouTube Ads?

YouTube Ads (Adsense) is a medium that businesses can use to advertise their products or businesses through YouTube advertising.

What is YouTube Rewind?

YouTube Rewind is an annual video produced by YouTube and Portal A Interactive. The videos feature everything that went viral, trends, music and more from the year.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription service for watching exclusive videos from YouTube and without advertising.

What is YouTube Studio?

YouTube Studio is where creators manage the channels they create. With YouTube Studio, creators can upload content, respond to comments, manage ads, and live stream.

What is YouTube Fanfest?

YouTube Fanfest is an annual event organized by YouTube inviting the most popular and influential Youtubers in the country.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a YouTube application that has been modified by the period by reducing or adding new features. Although it has many advantages, YouTube Vanced is potentially insecure and there are fears that it may not be able to harvest user data.