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Easy Ways to Use Google Meet on Laptops and Cell Phones

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people communicate, where meetings are held online through a number of video conferencing platforms. One of the choices is Google Meet.

Google Meet can connect to other Google services. Just like other platforms, Meet also offers features like screen sharing. Google Meet can be used on cell phones and laptops, here's how:


  1. Open the Gmail app on your phone
  2. Select the Google Meet option, including clicking the camera icon at the bottom of the app screen
  3. Select the "New meeting" option to start creating a new Google Meet meeting room
  4. Next, a new banner appears containing several settings. You can begin to start a meeting by clicking on the “Start Instant Meeting” option.
  5.  Additionally, you can also share the new meeting room link by clicking the "Get meeting link to share" option.

For the record, you can also create a new meeting schedule with the meeting room link. To do this, tap on the “Schedule in Google Calendar” option.

Via laptop

There are several ways to join a meeting via laptop or desktop, here's how:

1. Calendar of events

  • Open the Google Meet page
  • After that, select a meeting from those that have been scheduled on Google Calendar
  • Select Join Now.

2. Use a meeting code or nickname

  • Go to the Google Meet page
  • Click Enter Code or Link > Join
  • Click Continue > Join Now.


  • Open Gmail
  • In the Meet section, click New Meeting
  • To send a meeting invitation via link or email, click Send Invitation
  • When ready, click Join Now
  • Make sure you have allowed microphone and camera, to turn them off click on each icon
  • To join the call, click Join Now and end it with a call Leave.