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Get to know and how to play Mobile Legends

 Meaning of ML or Mobile Legends, also know how to play and other terms in this online game

ML is a word or term often used by young people today. In the daily conversations of young people, ML is often a topic that seems fun and exciting. Even though it has become so popular and has become an everyday topic, there are still many people who feel estranged from the sense of ML which is a hit among young people.

In general, the meaning of ML stands for Mobile Legends. ML is one of the online games. Therefore, it is natural that so far the term ML is only understood by young people, especially game lovers, i.e. gamers.

However, to understand the meaning of ML, of course, it is not limited to knowing its abbreviated form. Because, in Mobile Legends itself, there are many terms and game rules that need to be understood.

So, to know more about the meaning of ML and at a glance Mobile Legend game rules, just look at the following reviews summarized from various sources.

A. Meaning of ML

As mentioned earlier, the meaning of ML stands for Mobile Legends, an online game. Apart from being abbreviated as ML, many also refer to Mobile Legends as Moba. In Indonesia, Mobile Legends started to attract players' attention since 2016. Until finally, because it was very popular, various ML tournaments appeared nationwide.

It is not without reason that the Mobile Legends game is so popular. The reason is that Mobile Legends is not just fun. This online game, which was published and developed by Moontoon, can be played using an Android or iOS mobile phone. Thus, it is practically convenient as it can be played anytime and anywhere.

B. Overview of how to play and rules of Mobile Legends

Knowing the meaning of ML will certainly not be complete without knowing how or the rules of the game. In general, Mobile Legends is an online game that is played in teams. In a team there will be 5 people. In Mobile Legend games, two teams will compete to attack the opponent's base and defend their own team's base for 15 minutes for 1 turn.

To play it, players can use the available heroes. Available heroes are heroes that have been purchased and heroes that have been provided automatically by the system. Each hero has their own skills. This is the excitement of Mobile Legends, namely to maximize the abilities or skills of the heroes used.

To get a hero, you can do it in several ways, such as Top Up Diamonds, or using Tickets and Battle Points. Apart from skills, each hero also has their own characteristics, including sniper, tank, mage, support, and assassin. Recognizing each of these characteristics is also key to developing the hero skills used.

C. Terms in Mobile Legends

As mentioned earlier, in the sense of ML or Mobile Legends, there are many special terms. For Mobile Legends players, it is mandatory to know the meaning of each of these terms. Here are some terms in Mobile Legends : 

  1. Assassin : Hero in ML who has enough damage and is very agile in the game.
  2. Tank : A hero who functions as a shield for other heroes when attacking an opponent as he has high defense as well as damage.
  3. Sharpshooter : A hero who has high skill and basic attack, which makes him suitable for killing opponents.
  4. Fighter : A hero who has skills without relying on the strength of other heroes as they already have good damage and basic attacks.
  5. Support : A hero who often serves as a "scapegoat" when he loses. However, this hero also plays a role in supporting the team's attacks against opponents.
  6. Mage : A hero who has high damage and is equipped with high ability effects.
  7. Classic : A mode in ML that gives players the option of going 5v5 against each other. This mode is generally used by beginners who don't have to worry about losing their rank if they lose.
  8. Ranking : Mode in ML where players are matched by the system with opponents of the same strength. Players will be allowed to invite other players of the same rank.
  9. Draft Pick : ML mode that has about 32 seconds to choose a hero to block. However, only the 4th and 5th members of each team can banish 2 heroes.
  10. Brawl : An ML mode that contains one lane and two towers each defending bases in both teams.
  11. Human vs AI : Mode in ML which can be achieved by fighting gameplay controlled by the artificial intelligence program of the Mobile Legends game system.
  12. Minions : units that move by themselves without being controlled by the player.
  13. Lord : The most powerful unit in the game.
  14. Turtle : A unit that reappears in the game after the game has lasted 2 minutes.
  15. Jungle creep : units that are in the jungle on the map.

This includes an explanation of the meaning of ML or Mobile Legends as well as an overview of the game rules. Hopefully helpful and may satisfy your curiosity!