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Get to know and how to play PUBG Mobile

Some of you might have played PUBG Mobile. This game, competitor of Free Fire, is at the peak of its success in the battle royale category, not only in Indonesia, but also in the world.

In this Battle Royale genre game, players will be presented with thrilling gameplay. All players will compete until only one player wins this battle.

PUBG Mobile can be considered a phenomenal game. How could I not, over 200 million downloads have been achieved after one year of release. This shows that the market response has been very good for this game alone.

It is very interesting to discuss this PUBG Mobile game, see the information below till the end.

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game designed by Brendan Greene. The game was officially released globally in March 2018. Basically, PUBG has three different versions based on the game platform.

Initially, the game was available for the Windows PC platform through Steam. Until it was finally available for Xbox One on mobile as it is today. This mobile version is really capable of penetrating the global market evenly, especially in the Asian region.

In the gameplay, there will be 100 players fighting to be the winner. Players can choose to play Solo (single), Duo (two), or Team (four).

All players will start the game from a fighter plane which will force them to free fall across the game map using a parachute. After successfully landing, players must loot for weapons, armor, and various other survival tools.

PUBG Mobile is known as a heavy game, you need a high end smartphone to play this game smoothly. However, this problem can be solved with the presence of PUBG Mobile Lite. It is a lite version of PUBG Mobile.

But what is clear, the graphics quality is certainly lower compared to PUBG Mobile.

History of PUBG Mobile

The figure behind the creation of the PUBG game is not arbitrary. He is Brendan Greene or also known as PlayerUnknown. Initially, this man was active in the modding community, he repeatedly modified several games. From the results of this modification, DayZ is known as the precursor to the creation of PUBG Mobile.

Initially, the PUBG Corporation headed by Brendan only developed for consoles and PCs only. The great response from gaming fans helped PUBG win the Game of the Year award after breaking Steam's record for downloads.

Success with both versions, PUBG Corporation then became interested in designing a mobile version. The company has chosen a Chinese game publisher, Tencent Games, to work together on the development of PUBG Mobile.

Several developers also involved in PUBG Mobile include Lightspeed and Quantum Studio Group. In March 2018, PUBG Mobile was officially launched and managed to dominate the mobile esports game market in a short time.

This game is one of the top sellers on the Google Play Store with over 100 million downloads. This success is inseparable from the role of Tencent Games which continues to innovate to make PUBG Mobile even better.

PUBG mobile game

The game begins with gathering all players in an area to prepare. After that, up to 100 players will fly in a plane. In this position, players can coordinate with other teammates to determine the landing site.

After the landing place is determined, players can jump to jump into the combat area, the parachute can be opened when approaching the land.

Each player will have a strategic location to land on the map. After a successful landing, players will immediately scatter to search for armor. This step is called looting.

It would be better if you were the first player to land, because you can loot more freely. In loot stance, move as fast as you can to rake buildings around.

Shortly after landing, a play area will appear marked with a small circle. The game area will shrink over time, players need to hurry not to get out of the area.

When a player is outside the playing area, the player will be automatically damaged every second and has the potential to take their life. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to pay attention to the playing area during the game.

The smaller the playing area, the tighter the game will be. If at the start of the game each player still has a lot of space to loot or hide, the smaller game area actually brings players together to shoot and shoot.

If a player dies in battle (HP=0), the dead player will leave behind a heirloom box that can be picked up by other players still alive. If you are lucky you will find weapons and various items that can help you survive in this battle.

Playing with squad mode will be more exciting to last longer. The reason is that killed players can still be saved by their teammates. Not immediately game over like playing in Solo mode.

The team or player that survives until there are no more opponents is entitled to the title Chicken Dinner. Chicken Dinner is the term for winner of PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Maps

1. Erangel

At the start of the game, players can play PUBG Mobile with this card. In this map you will easily find small buildings. If you want to travel to a remote location, you must use a vehicle. There are also small areas connected by bridges between the islands.

2. Miramar

Miramar is the second map in PUBG Mobile game. Measuring 8×8 km, this map is huge to explore. In the Miramar map, players will be presented with a dense urban atmosphere. Various weapons can be found on this map, starting with AKM, M24, AWM, M414 and many more.

3. Vikendi

The Vikendi map is unique in that the arena theme is snow. Players need to be more attentive when playing to find opponents. Many rocks often serve as hiding places for opponents. On this map, there are 11 small towns that can be used to land.

4. Sanhok

Unlike the Vikendi map, the Sanhok map is green and beautiful. Many existing trees will make it look like the battle is taking place in the forest.

5. Livik

Livik is the new map available in PUBG Mobile. On this map, players can find new vehicles in the form of monster trucks that are not available on other maps. Another special feature is the waterfall which will add a realistic feel to the map. In some areas, players will see grass animations as players walk through the grass.

PUBG Mobile Weapons

Just like the PC version of PUBG, in PUBG Mobile you will also find a variety of weapons among Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR), Machine Guns (SMG), light machine guns (LMG). Shotguns, pistols and melee.

Every weapon in PUBG Mobile can be rated based on 4 variables: power, range, recoil and rate of fire. Only melee category weapons that have no recoil and fire rate effect. How come? Pots, machetes and crowbars only had to be swung, not pulled.

This is introductory information about what PUBG Mobile is. This battle royale genre game is at the height of its success. Almost all young people know this game which is often played in esports.

There are still many other aspects of PUBG Mobile which are no less interesting to explore such as the Royale Pass and various other in-game events. Keep practicing so that you can be the best in the world.