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Get to know the DANA Application for Beginners

 DANA App: Uses, Benefits, How to Sign Up and Use

Keeping large sums of money in your wallet is certainly a pain when traveling, for example when buying electronic devices. Of course, this will come with its own security risk if you carry a lot of cash out of the house. The development of financial technology allows us to save money and conduct transactions virtually. One of the digital wallet service providers is the DANA application, created by PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe. This time, Qoala will discuss in detail the meaning, use, advantages, benefits, how to register, and how to use the DANA application.

What is the DANA App?

The DANA app is a digital wallet platform designed to make all non-cash transactions possible, both online and offline. Transactions through this application are certainly more convenient, faster and always secure.

To use it, you can download the DANA application, register, then top up your balance by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, at the Superette. You can use this application to pay for tickets on various platforms such as Tix.id, Bukalapak, Blackberry Messenger, etc.

Use of the DANA App

Of course, it is not without reason that many people entrust various electronic transactions using the DANA application. You can see the usage of this app below:

1. General use of the DANA Application

DANA is a digital wallet application whose presence makes it easier for users to transact, without having to carry a lot of cash. By simply topping up the balance, users can spend for various needs just like bringing in real money with DANA. Is the request for funds secure? The security of this app is 100% guaranteed so users don't have to worry about losing their balance or losing money without approval.

The presence of DANA as a digital wallet has also driven the competition for several other digital wallets such as OVO, GoPay, Linkaja, etc. The large number of digital wallet offers will certainly benefit consumers to choose the best products with increasingly fierce competition in the fintech industry. Do you already know what a request for funds is for?

2. Using the balance in the DANA app

DANA can not only be used for online transactions, but also offline. Why are consumers using this app? Here are the different functions of the DANA application that you should know:

1. Pay your monthly bills

Every month, of course, we have bills, be it water bills, electricity bills, insurance bills, BPJS health bills, internet bills, etc. You can now pay all these bills online, including one through this app made by PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe.

2. Buy mobile credit

Cell phone credit seems to be a mandatory requirement in the internet age like now. The reason is that you are just online in cyberspace after filling up your credit or internet package. If your credit suddenly runs out in the middle of the night, you don't have to worry because you can top up via DANA. So you can reconnect immediately after filling your credit or data plan.

3. Buy from various offline merchants

The DANA app can be used for anything, both online and offline transactions. Now there are many merchants that work with funds and you can make offline payment methods. The seller will ask you for your mobile number to complete a transaction. Then, a notification will appear if the transaction was successful. This application also offers interesting promotions quite often to pamper the customers. Want to sign up for DANA?

4. Additional investment balance

Moreover, the function of DANA app is for investment, not just for shopping. It's just that you need to download the Xsaver money market mutual fund app first. When you are done, open the app and select the Top Up option on the main screen. Enter the nominal balance you want to top up, then select DANA as the payment method. You can only invest IDR 50,000 and the results are relatively profitable.

From the explanation above, you surely know that the DANA application can be useful.

List of products and features offered

Generally speaking, there are two main features of the DANA app, namely Wallet aka digital wallet and Send & Request FUNDS. For the record, currently DANA does not and does not have a low interest online loan application feature. So don't get me wrong, okay?

1. DANA wallet or digital wallet

The Wallet function has 5 menus, namely DANA Premium, Reload, Register bank cards, Withdraw balances and Pay. Each explanation is below :

  • DANA Premium: A type of account that has various advantages over just using a regular account. For normal DANA accounts, the maximum balance is IDR 2,000,000. Meanwhile, premium accounts have a maximum balance of IDR 10 million
  • Top up: Easily top up your DANA balance anywhere and anytime, including one by bank transfer
  • Save Bank Cards: save bank cards to pay more easily by connecting them to the DANA application
  • Balance withdrawal: cash withdrawal service for DANA balance through agents, Alfamart, Lawson, etc.
  • Pay: use the DANA app for various purposes such as buying credit, paying for electricity or paying for transactions at merchants that cooperate with DANA

2. Send and Request Funds

Meanwhile, the Send & Request DANA function, which sends and receives money, has several menus, namely Go to FUNDS, Go to Bank, Go to Link, Request FUNDS and Surprised FUNDS. Explanation of each menu below :

  • To DANA: send money for free between DANA
  • To the bank: send money for free between banks
  • Go to the link: send money for free via chat
  • REQUEST FUNDS: A simple way to receive money transfers
  • DANA Surpris: a feature to share DANA balances with friends and relatives at the same time

3. Other features : Business DANA and Enterprise DANA for MSMEs

Besides personal use, DANA also offers programs for MSMEs and macro and franchise players through DANA Business and DANA Enterprise products. The explanation for both is below:

  • DANA Bisnis : A solution from DANA to meet your business payment needs. You can accept cashless payments, as well as improve your business processes and productivity.
  • DANA Enterprise : A complete solution for upgrading payment systems. Easily follow the evolution of your activity

How, do you already know the DANA application? For more details, you can visit DANA website or download the app directly.

How FUNDS work

The payment function of the DANA application is done by 'Scan QR code'. Usually, you will see a small cash register machine at the checkout of several outlets which is a QR code scanning machine, capable of completing transactions in just a few seconds.

The operation is very simple, you can open the DANA app then just click on 'Pay' with the QR code logo at the bottom of the app. Stick the smartphone screen that contains the QR code just above the scanner, then enter your DANA PIN.

This system is similar to the online attendance application that is currently in full swing, where employees and students can check in from a smartphone. Provided that facial recognition and GPS location still comply with office regulations. Do you already know how to use the DANA application?

How to use the DANA Digital Wallet app

To be able to enjoy the services of this application, of course, you must first download it. You can do how to download DANA app from play store. What to do after downloading DANA? Follow the steps below :

1. How to register or create an account with DANA

After downloading the app, you can sign up/register for DANA so that you can use it. The method is as follows :

  • First, open the DANA app after installing successfully
  • Enter a valid phone number, click "Continue"
  • Next, enter the 4-digit OTP code sent by DANA Via SMS to the number you entered earlier
  • A promotional code page will appear, skip if it is not there
  • Enter your full name or nickname and photo, then select "Register"
  • You will create a six-digit PIN for DANA account security, then click "Continue"
  • You can now log in to DANA.

2. How to top up or top up DANA balance

If you want to use a digital wallet app to make payments, you must of course have a DANA balance. There are two ways to top up your DANA balance, namely top up through banks and top up through merchants.

How to top up FUNDS in the bank

You can top up your DANA balance at different banks such as Bank BCA, BNI, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga and Bank BRI.

1. How to top up DANA via Bank BCA

You can top up your DANA balance via BCA bank. The steps are as follows:

Top up DANA via ATM BCA

  • Enter your BCA bank card and your PIN code
  • Enter the HP 3901+ number registered with DANA (example: 39010821873839xxx)
  • Enter the nominal top-up amount you wish to pay
  • Then follow the instructions to complete the transaction process

Top up via the M-BCA app (BCA Mobile)

  • First, log into the mBCA mobile app
  • Enter the number 3901+HP registered with DANA (Example: 39010821873839xxx)
  • Enter the recharge amount you want to pay
  • Enter your m-BCA PIN
  • Follow the instructions to complete the transaction

2. Top up DANA through Bank Mandiri

The DANA app is a digital wallet where you can also top up your balance through Bank Mandiri, either through Mandiri ATMs or through Mandiri Online. See how below :

Top up via Mandiri ATM

  • First enter your BCA bank card and PIN
  • Select the Pay/Purchase menu > Multipayment
  • Enter 89508 + Phone number registered with DANA (Example: 895080821873839xxx) in the "No VA" column
  • Enter the top up amount you want
  • Then confirm the transaction
  • The DANA Virtual Account (VA) number at Bank Mandiri usually starts with 89508. You can get the DANA Virtual Account number through the DANA mobile application.

Top up DANA via Mandiri Online

  • First, login to your Mandiri Online application
  • Then enter username and password
  • Enter the Pay menu and select Pay
  • Select the New payment menu then select Multipayment
  • Select "Account Source" and "Service Provider"
  • In the Service Provider option, in the search field, type DANA Top up, then select the DANA Top Up service provider
  • Enter the virtual account number and top up amount and press continue
  • Make sure the payment information is correct, then tap Confirm and enter M-PIN

3. How to top up DANA through BANK BRI

BRI Bank customers can also top up DANA balances either through BRI Mobile Banking or through BRI ATMs. Follow the steps below :

Top up via Mobile Banking BRI

  • First, open the BRI Mobile application, then open BRI Mobile Banking
  • Select the Payment menu -> BRIVA
  • Enter the BRIVA number (BRI Virtual Account) 88810 + mobile number registered to the DANA account (Example: 888100821873839xxx) in the "Enter Briva number" column
  • Enter the desired number of refills and select OK
  • Enter your BRI Mobile Banking PIN, then transaction confirmation will come via SMS.

Top up via BRI ATMs

  • Enter your card and PIN
  • Enter BRIVA number (BRI Virtual Account) 88810 + mobile number registered on DANA account then press "Correct"
  • Enter the desired top-up amount then confirm the transaction by pressing "Yes"

4. How to top up DANA at BNI Bank

You can also top up DANA via BNI Bank, except for BCA, Mandiri and BRI banks. Follow the method below :

Top up via BNI ATMs

  • Enter your BNI debit card and PIN
  • Enter the code 8206 + mobile number registered on the DANA account
  • Enter the desired top-up amount, then confirm the transaction

Via BNI mobile banking services

  • First, open the BNI Mobile Banking app and log in
  • Select the "New entry" tab. Then enter the number 8206+HP registered on the DANA account (Example: 82060821873839xxx)
  • Enter the desired top-up amount
  • Then press "Continue"
  • Confirm the transaction by entering your Mobile Banking PIN

5. How to top up DANA balance at CIMB Niaga Bank

Follow how to top up DANA via CIMB below :

Via CIMB Niaga ATMs

  1. First enter your credit card and PIN
  2. Select TRANSFER > CIMB Niaga account/Other phone account > Other CIMB Niaga account
  3. Enter the top-up amount you want to pay
  4. Enter [VA Generated] as destination account
  5. Select payment source account
  6. Confirm your payment

Via GO Mobile

  1. Select TRANSFER then select Transfer to another CIMB Niaga account
  2. Select payment source account
  3. Enter [VA Generated] as destination account
  4. Enter the desired recharge face value, then press CONTINUE
  5. Confirm your payment and enter your Mobile Banking PIN

How to top up DANA via merchants

The DANA app is a digital wallet that can also be filled by merchants. Of course, this will make it easier for you if you need an option other than a bank.

1. How to top up your DANA balance via Ramayana and Robinson

The steps to top up the DANA balance are as follows :

  • Go to the nearest Ramayana or Robinson outlet
  • Tell the cashier you want to top up DANA
  • Then you will be asked to provide your mobile phone number registered with DANA
  • Indicate the face value of the recharge, with a minimum recharge of IDR 50,000 in multiples of 50,000 up to IDR 1,000,000
  • Just follow the cashier's instructions to complete the transaction

2. How to top up your DANA balance via Alfamart, Alfamidi and DAN+DAN

You can recharge DANA recharge balances at Alfamart, Alfamidi and DAN+DAN. The steps are as follows :

  • Visit the nearest Alfamidi, Alfamart or DAN+DAN outlets
  • Tell the cashier you want to top up DANA
  • Indicate the mobile phone number registered with DANA
  • Indicate the nominal amount of the recharge, with a minimum recharge of IDR 50,000 in multiples of IDR 50,000 to IDR 500,000
  • Follow the cashier's instructions to complete the transaction

3. How to upgrade a DANA account to Premium

PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe, as the operator of the DANA Indonesia app, also provides premium features to its users. Users can get various benefits such as :

  • DANA balance limit is up to 10 million
  • Send money to other DANA users and to bank accounts
  • Can make cash withdrawals
  • Benefit from various special offers and other advantages
  • Follow these steps if you want to upgrade your regular DANA account to premium:
  • First, open the DANA app
  • Tap "Me"
  • Tap "Verify my account"
  • Photo of your eKTP
  • Take selfies in bright places, make sure your face is clearly visible
  • Make sure your data matches the eKTP and submit it
  • DANA Premium Verification Passed!
Moreover, you can enjoy various features of DANA Premium that ordinary accounts do not have.

4. How to Transfer Send and Request Funds

In fact, there are 5 menus to transfer, send and request money from DANA, starting with other DANA users, going to bank accounts, via chat, receiving money from DANA, up to to using the DANA shock function. You can follow the steps below :

1. How to transfer money to other DANA app users

  • First, press "send"
  • Choose the method "Send money to a mobile number"
  • Enter face value
  • Choose DANA balance or debit card to send money
  • Press Confirm
  • Sending money was successful

2. How to transfer money to a bank account

  • Press Send
  • Choose the method "Send money to a bank account"
  • Enter banking information
  • Tap "Add New Bank"
  • Enter face value
  • Choose DANA balance or debit card to send money
  • Tap send money
  • Money transfer was successful

3. How to transfer money via chat (to the link)

  • Press Send
  • Choose how to "Send to Chat"
  • Enter the desired nominal value
  • Choose DANA balance or debit card to send money
  • Press Confirm
  • Sending money was successful

4. How to receive money in DANA

  • First, tap "Ask"
  • Press the set amount
  • Enter the desired nominal value
  • Share the link via chat or show the DANA QR code for your friend to scan
  • Request FUND successfully!

5. How to use DANA Shock

  • Press Surprised FUNDS
  • Enter the desired nominal value
  • Define the number of recipients
  • Press "Send"
  • Tap "share with friends!"
  • DANA Surprised sent successfully!

5. How to register a bank card

The DANA app is a digital wallet service that lets you use an ATM card to make purchases online. To do this, simply enter the card number in the payment option using a debit card. Here's how to register a credit card in the DANA app :

  • press "me"
  • Tap "saved card"
  • Then press "add a new card"
  • Enter card details
  • Enter the 6-digit OTP sent by the bank
  • Card saved successfully!

6. How to withdraw DANA balance

The convenient way to transfer your DANA balance is also simple and can be done anytime and anywhere. Here are the steps you can try :

  • Tap "withdraw balance"
  • Choose a method to withdraw the balance. You can choose by bank transfer, DANA agents, pawnbrokers or merchants
  • Follow the steps indicated by DANA
  • The DANA balance transfer/withdrawal process was successful

7. How to pay with the DANA app

One of the reasons many people use digital wallets is the ease of carrying out transactions, including FUNDS. Here's how to use the DANA app for payments :

  • First, tap pay
  • Scan the DANA QR code to the DANA scanning machine
  • Payment was successful

Do you already know how to use DANA?

Benefits of using the DANA app

The DANA app is a digital wallet that allows users to easily perform online store transactions, invoices, merchants, etc. Here are the various benefits you get by using this app.

1. Lots of attractive promotions

DANA always has attractive promotions at a number of merchants, and you can get cash back every time you make a transaction. For example, a 50% voucher on transactions at KFC, Hokben and others.

2. Can make payments for various bills

With DANA, you can pay various bills, including water, electricity, insurance, internet, BPJS, TV, installments, postpaid phone and cable TV bills, without having to leave the house. This app also provides 50% coupon if user makes bill payment on second payment up to IDR 25,000.

3. Cooperate with many merchants

Many merchants cooperate with DANA. You can make transaction payments to Bukalapak, TIX ID, Cinema XXI, BBM, Sepulsa, Alfamart, Reservations, BPJS Health, BCA, BNI, Maybank and many more.

4. Money transfers

Do you need to top up your DANA balance in large quantities? Apparently not, because you can top up with a minimum amount of IDR 10,000. Besides purchases, this balance can also be used to make transfers to other DANA users. The condition is that the DANA user's phone number has been saved on your smartphone. Users can also transfer money to bank accounts except other DANA users.

5. Lots of Benefits if Upgrade to Premium

Try upgrading your DANA account to Premium to get various benefits. At the start of the account switch, you can get various bonuses such as credit vouchers, IDR 15,000 bill payment vouchers, TIX ID vouchers and IDR 25,000 credit bonuses with no minimum purchase.

Advantages of DANA over other digital wallet apps

The DANA app is a popular digital wallet in Indonesia, so it has various advantages over similar apps. Curious? Here are the advantages of DANA over other digital wallet apps :

1. Purely made by the nation's children

DANA is an application made by Indonesian children. By downloading the DANA app and using it, it means that we have supported and advanced domestic fintech startups to compete with foreign fintechs. Of course, it is very proud that domestic products are not inferior to products from abroad.

2. Supported by 2 data centers

Another advantage of the DANA application is that it relies on two data centers whose transactions are guaranteed because it has been integrated into the civil population system of the Ministry of the Interior. Thus, registering and verifying the account only takes a few seconds.

3. Lots of attractive promotions

Another attraction of DANA is that it is supported by various attractive promotions. You just need to upgrade your account to the premium version and then get a free credit recharge coupon (conditionally depending on time and situation). Then just enter the phone number and the incoming pulses right away.

4. A flexible nominal initial balance

The initial balance amount when using a digital wallet app can be a consideration for consumers, especially if it is relatively high. It turns out that DANA only asks for a fee of IDR 10,000 as the initial balance. You can use it to make purchases or transfer to another DANA account. It's a good idea to upgrade your regular DANA account to premium so that you can get various other features and benefits.

DANA Application Security

As an application that stores user funds, DANA certainly has various protections and strict security. To date, DANA has received 4 licenses from BANK INDONESIA in terms of license to use e-money, e-wallets, digital financial institutions and online money transfers. Thus, consumers need not doubt the credibility and safety of this application.

The DANA digital wallet also provides a facial recognition feature for login, aka Face Login. Initially, this feature could only be used by DANA Premium users, now it can be enjoyed by all DANA users without exception.

Face Login technology certainly provides more protective security protection. Of course, it is also convenient because the user does not always have to remember the PIN code.

Using the Face Login feature is very simple. Follow the steps below :

  • First, go to the "Me" menu
  • Tap "Profile Settings", then select "Enable" in the Face Verification section.
  • Next, enter your DANA PIN
  • You will complete the facial verification activation process by scanning or scanning your face in front of the camera.

DANA Application Collaboration

Who does DANA work with? DANA app, as one of the leading digital wallet market in Indonesia, has collaborated with various merchants, banks and other parties to expand the transaction network. Of course, the DANA app has collaborated with other parties, some of which are as follows:

1. Insurance products available at DANA

The DANA app also provides various insurance products that work with Qoala or not. Here are the different DANA app insurance products that work with Qoala.

1. Smartphone Insurance - Screen Protection from Simas Insurtech

First of all, there is a smartphone insurance product in the form of screen protector insurance from Simas Insurtech that will protect your smartphone screen from various potential damages. This insurance will provide compensation in connection with damage to the screen of the mobile phone in accordance with the provisions contained in the policy.

2. Life insurance from AXA Life Insurance

The DANA app also works with PT AXA Financial Indonesia's AXA Life Insurance to market a life insurance product, AXA Sahabat Jiwa. Users can get death benefits with premiums starting from IDR 25,000.

3. AXA Mandiri Hospital Cash Plan (HCP) Insurance

Qoala Insurtech collaborates with DANA and AXA Mandiri (AXA Health Insurance of PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance) to provide cash compensation insurance product or Hospital Cash Plan (HCP) through DANA Siaga. This product is the first best insurance choice at DANA. This insurance offers benefits that you can have with affordable insurance premiums, starting from IDR 288,000 per 6 months.

4. General Takaful PA + COVID-19 Insurance

The DANA app also works with Qoala and General Takaful Insurance to provide personal accident insurance products that come equipped with protection in the form of COVID-19 protection. This COVID-19 insurance protection product is available in the app and is part of DANA Siaga.

2. Ease of parking payment in the DANA app

DANA works with PARKEE to ensure payment of parking fees at various locations in Indonesia. This collaboration allows DANA users to directly pay parking fees at various locations in Indonesia without the need to install the PARKEE app. Especially during a pandemic like today, the use of paper money should be minimized.

3. Introduce food stalls

DANA is working with PT Bhanda Ghara Reksa (Persero) or BGR Logistics to develop the Food Warung app. The aim is to accelerate the digitization of traditional stalls and the recovery of MSMEs in Indonesia that have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Food Stall app makes it easier for people to get the food they need at normal and affordable prices.

4. Pre-employment card partners

DANA is one of the e-wallet services that has joined as a pre-employment card partner. Of course, this enriches participants' choice to use the e-wallet platform as an incentive provider. Users of this application can more easily complete payment transactions for their chosen pre-employment training programs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the pre-employment card program was considered

DANA Business and DANA Enterprise

DANA also offers programs for MSME players and retail entrepreneurs through convenient payment system solutions called DANA Bisnis and DANA Enterprise. Know the difference below :


DANA Bisnis is a DANA solution to meet your business payment needs. You can accept cashless payments and improve business processes and productivity.

DANA Bisnis users will use the alias QRIS Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard defined by Bank Indonesia via PADG No.21/2019. Simply put, 1 QR code can be used for payment by various other digital payment apps. Later, at the checkout of your business, there is only one QR code that can be scanned by shoppers using various digital payment apps of their choice.

DANA Bisnis has features that make it easier to summarize transactions and view the status of payments. You can use filters in transaction history to view transactions that have taken place in your store. You can also view transaction history for the specific date you want.

2. DANA Company

The DANA Enterprise app is a merchant-specific application capable of monitoring business transaction history with detailed and accurate data. This application is equipped with a versatile dashboard with all the features. DANA Enterprise offers two product variants, namely Merchant Online and Merchant Offline. The explanation is as follows :

  • Merchant Online: Ensures that online transactions are convenient, secure and integrated into the DANA system. This product has various features such as Account Linking Solution, H5 Cashier, Guest Payment, Mini DANA and DANA Boost
  • Offline Merchant: Make offline transactions easier and faster. This product has user-friendly features and provides an easy-to-use experience to access an offline payment system for everyone and regardless of business type.

DANA App Facts

After knowing various details about using the DANA app, you must also know about the various miscellaneous items of this digital wallet. Here are various facts about the DANA app :

1. Original products made by the nation's children

In 2018, there were rumors that the DANA app was a digital wallet product from China that could threaten Indonesian sovereignty. In fact, this digital wallet app was developed by young Indonesian programmers and the development startup is also an Indonesian legal entity, with PT Elang Sejahtera Mandiri as the main investor (99% owned).

For information, PT Elang Sejahtera Mandiri is a subsidiary of PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi Tbk (EMTEK). EMTEK works with Ant Financial, the owner of online payment company Alipay. This collaboration allows DANA to obtain technological support from Ant Financial, whose technology is also used by Alipay. The security and reliability of Alipay's technology has been recognized in the field of international digital transactions.

2. Transaction data and users remain in Indonesia

DANA Indonesia's digital wallet ensures that all transaction data and users stay in Indonesia, even if they work with foreign companies. Likewise with the sharing of knowledge between programmers. This is in accordance with PP 82/2012 regarding the implementation of electronic systems and transactions (PSTE). DANA's data center and data recovery center are also located in Indonesia.

3. BI license, cooperation with well-known banks

DANA app as an official financial technology institution in Indonesia has obtained permission from Bank Indonesia (BI). In this way, DANA complied with the conditions and regulations set by BI. Apart from this, DANA Indonesia digital wallet also works with national banks like Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, BRI, BNI, CIMB Niaga, etc.

4. Integrated with the Dukcapil system of the Ministry of Interior

DANA has been integrated with the Ministry of Interior's (Dukcapil) civil registry population system, so users can register and verify their DANA account in just seconds. In fact, DANA is supposed to be the only platform capable of real-time approval and registration.

5. Balance can be used to invest in money market mutual funds

The last fact is that the DANA app can be used to invest in money market mutual funds. It's just that you need to download the Xsaver app first. Then register and verify your account, then you can access the Top Up menu in the Xsaver app. Then select the DANA option to top up your Xsaver account balance.

Relax, the minimum top up amount is only IDR 50,000, so it won't be a burden on your finances. You can immediately start investment transactions in money market mutual funds on Xsaver after a notification appears indicating that the reload was successful.

This is how to use the full DANA app with various features. The DANA app on laptops is not yet available, so it is best if you use the app on a smartphone. You can also take advantage of the DANA paylater application for more convenience in transactions. Of course there are disadvantages to the DANA application, it's just that this application has various advantages compared to the other applications mentioned above.

Along with information about the DANA app, you can also read other articles from the fintech industry to the latest insurtech. How? Keep following the Qoala blog for the latest information on investing, finance and lifestyle. So, are you interested in downloading and using the DANA app?