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Get to know the YouTube Music Application

YouTube Music launched in Indonesia, how is it different from Spotify?

After being launched in several countries, Google has finally officially introduced YouTube Music streaming service in Indonesia.

Google decided to launch this music-based service in Indonesia because it considers the music industry in Indonesia, especially in the area of streaming, to have great potential.

Indonesia is also one of the Southeast Asian countries that gets the YouTube Music app.

"YouTube Music has launched (simultaneously) in seven other countries, including five in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia," said Music Content Partnerships Manager, YouTube and Google Play (ANZ and SEA), Ruuben Van Den Heuvel at KompasTekno. by videoconference at the Google office in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/11/2019).

YouTube Music itself is a music streaming app similar to Spotify. Free subscribers can stream seasons for free through the YouTube Music app interspersed with ads. For those who do not want to hear advertisements, they can pay a subscription.

The difference is that YouTube Music is equipped with a Google-like search function, which allows users to search for music content using any keyword in the app.

If users don't know the title of the song they want to listen to, for example, they can search based on the lyrics of that song.

"We use Google Smart Search to find and understand what users are looking for," YouTube Music product manager Brandon Bilinski said at the same time.

In addition to listening to music, users can also watch video clips of currently playing songs directly from the YouTube Music app.

There is also a "Video Hotlist" feature that users can use to browse the songs currently playing on the Internet.

Price and availability

In Indonesia, Google sets a YouTube Music Premium subscription price of IDR 49,000 per month.

With this price, users can enjoy various additional features of YouTube Music, such as ad-free music streaming, downloading songs so they can be played offline.

The YouTube Music app itself will be available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store in Indonesia on November 7.

For the introductory period (November 7 to November 26), Google is offering 3 months of free access to YouTube Music Premium to users who download the YouTube Music app.

YouTube Premium is also launched

Apart from releasing the YouTube Music app, Google has also launched a YouTube Premium subscription service in Indonesia. This service is priced at IDR 59,000 per month.

With "Premium" status, users can watch YouTube videos without ads, play videos outside the YouTube app with a picture-in-picture (PiP) mechanism, and download videos to watch offline.

Uniquely, if users subscribe to YouTube Premium, they will automatically get the free YouTube Music Premium subscription.