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How to find the country of origin of all original Realme HP

 Original HP Realme made from which country? Ori vs. KW products

Concern hit the audience when they were curious, in what country was the original HP Realme made? The emergence of people's curiosity is increasing because a number of types of Chinese enterprise brands that are sub-brands of Oppo, the country of origin, are indeed different.

From Made in China, there is also Made in India, even Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong. So which is the real one? Or is it actually made in Indonesia, the original product while other Realme smartphones are fakes, aka KW items?

It turns out that Oppo and Realme have many mobile phone assembly factories in several different countries, of course the quality will be very different. The early 2019 data released by CounterPoint indicates that there are countries that have sufficient human resources and are able to produce the best production quality of smartphones, the results of which often satisfy the public and users.

How to find the country of origin of all original Realme HP

The first method we are going to use to check if the HP Realme is genuine or fake by using the unique IMEI code can also find out the country of origin of your mobile phone. How to check the Realme IMEI number is also quite simple, just use the dial number in the default Phone/Caller app.

The secret code for Realme to see the IMEI number is *#06# in the dial of the phone, pay attention to the image below!

When the user types in the passcode, they will automatically be taken to a pop-up window that displays the 15-digit IMEI number on the Realme smartphone.

The next step, please look carefully at the 15 digits of the Realme IMEI number, for example in the image above, i.e. 356879068150736.

Look at the seventh and eighth digits of your IMEI number, then match the country code below :

  • 00: French (very good quality)
  • 01 and 10: Finland (Good)
  • 02 and 20: Asian countries other than South Korea (Not good)
  • 03: Canada (Fair)
  • 04: South Korea (Best)
  • 05: United States (guaranteed OK)
  • 06: China / China (Normal)
  • 08 and 80: Germany (standard quality)

This code can be checked on all HP Realme, both Realme C1/2/2 Pro/U1/A1/3/3 Pro, and others. Mine is the Realme U1, it turns out the manufacturing process is in the USA. Then the question will appear whether the HP Realme from USA is genuine or a KW product?

Because people are smart enough and pay more attention to checking the authenticity of the Android devices they buy, then seeing the "Made in" label on the side of the sales package box. It is normal that many people are more and more worried and anxious when making transactions because nowadays poor quality HP Realme replicas are sold freely in the Indonesian smartphone market.

If you find the "Made in Indonesia" label on the cell phone retail box, it means that your HP Realme was indeed assembled in Indonesia (remember, assembly and component manufacturing are two different things) . So aren't Oppo and Realme Chinese?

Of course, Realme is a smartphone company from China, but when it comes to production, Realme has relied on outsourced manufacturing systems, such as in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, America, Brazil, Germany.

It is recorded that almost 60% of the production of Realme Smartphone is done in India. Why is that? It is believed that a number of factors influenced its appearance, namely: raw materials are quite easy to obtain, precision and speed of production always achieves goals on time, abundant human resources with salaries considered to be cheap, can generate large profits while investing in Bollywood.

Realme's new factory in Indonesia was established in December 2018. While in India first, namely in September, even though they hitchhiked with Oppo, they set up a total of 5 exclusive factories around the world, namely China, India, Indonesia, America and Germany.

In China, Oppo has a large complex, namely the Oppo Industrial Park in Dongguan, Guangdong. Meanwhile, Oppo's factory in Indonesia, located in Mauk, Tangerang, Banten, can produce around 40,000 units of mobile phones per type each month, although components are still imported.

So don't worry if your HP Realme is made in Vietnam or Indonesia, because that's the country of manufacture. However, even if assembled in a different country, the original product will still meet Oppo Realme supplier standards and be monitored properly.

Assembling an electronic device in Indonesia to meet the regulatory standards set by the government through the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Ministry of Industry, namely the National Content Level (TKDN ), requires companies to invest to increase employment opportunities for residents of the country, this applies not only to Indonesia but also to India, Vietnam, America. .

In fact, not only Realme Oppo, several vendors of smartphones and other electronic devices such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Asus, Sharp, Toshiba, Lenovo still rely on outsourced manufacturing systems to set up factories in different areas. other countries and produce goods to save on assembly. process costs.

In addition to being able to be used to find out the country of origin of the original Realme HP, the IMEI number can be used to determine the authenticity of your Realme Smartphone by going to www.imei.info and then entering the 15 IMEI numbers on your mobile phone and then pressing the Check button to see detailed information. Each mobile phone has a different identification number (IMEI), even if the brand and type are the same.


So at this point you understand how to check the country of manufacture of an original HP Realme, you just need to look at the packaging box, even if it is made in another country, such as Made in China, India , Indonesia or Korea, you don't even have to worry about whether your cell phone is original or a replica/fake.

This is a small clarification regarding the country of origin of the HP Realme Made. If you are still confused and unsure, please do a manual check with the IMEI number.