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Insurance Benefits

Important insurance benefits to know

Insurance benefits attract many people to enroll in this self-protection program. The benefits of insurance can not only be felt by yourself, but your family and heirs can also enjoy it. So what are the benefits of insurance?

Insurance benefits in general

There are many types of insurance products. But in general, insurance offers several benefits, as follows:

1. Gives a feeling of calm

In this life, you never know what will happen tomorrow. This also applies to all possible risks that may arise at any time and affect anyone. Understanding these conditions can make our lives restless and anxious.

But don't worry, because there are now many insurance products that can provide protection against adverse events that may occur in the future. For example, health insurance that covers medical expenses in the event of illness or home insurance that can compensate for material damage.

From these two examples, we can understand that by having insurance, our lives become calmer. The reason is that if something bad happens, there is already insurance that covers the risk.

2. Minimize the risk of loss

Generally speaking, all insurance products have the same functions and benefits, namely minimizing the risk of loss. This is because insurance can help cover losses due to an event.

3. Useful for future savings and investments

The next benefit of insurance is that it can be used as future savings and investments. This can happen because many insurance companies guarantee a return on investment funds when the contract is completed.

Insurance that is used as an investment also generally gives policyholders leeway in choosing the period of coverage. Generally, there are three choices of coverage periods, namely five, seven and ten years.

4. Help manage your finances well

The requirement to pay premiums regularly can actually make a person more disciplined in managing their finances. Because automatically we will put money aside to pay the premium

Insurance benefits by type

Seen from its type, the insurance offers several advantages as follows:

1. Health insurance

Health insurance provides benefits in the form of guarantees for health costs or care in the event of illness or accident. This insurance guarantees the availability of funds to pay for the treatment.

2. Life insurance

Life insurance is useful for people who suffer financial loss caused by death or total disability. For example, a head of household dies suddenly or a total loss disrupts the financial problems of the family. If the head of the family has life insurance, his heirs can claim the insurance.

3. Pension insurance

The advantages of old-age insurance are that it provides income certainty to insured retirees. Another advantage is to help realize dreams in old age, since the funds from this insurance can be used in the future.

4. Education Insurance

As its name suggests, this insurance product is useful for guaranteeing children's school fees. Thus, the burden on parents to pay for their children's education becomes lighter.

5. Property Insurance

This insurance guarantees the insured when they suffer material damage due to negligence or natural disasters.

6. Travel insurance

The benefits of travel insurance are to protect policyholders during travel, such as coverage for medical expenses, loss of property, loss of travel documents, and other forms of loss that occur while travelling.

7. Vehicle insurance

This type of insurance can protect vehicles from damage caused by traffic accidents, malicious acts of others, theft, fire, etc.