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Tips for Buying HP Realme

 Tips for Buying HP Realme, from Release Year to Top Features

Various smartphone brands exist in Indonesia. From national products to those imported from other countries. An example of a foreign-made smartphone that is selling well in Indonesia is the Realme brand.

It is a smartphone manufacturer from China which has been established since May 4, 2018, although it is new, it already has its own place in the hearts of the Indonesian people.

Various advantages are offered by HP Realme. From high brightness levels, still affordable prices, NFC features and many more. For those of you who want to buy various cell phones made by Realme, you must know the tips to get the right item.

Pay attention to the year of release

Usually the latest cell phones will have the latest features with the latest Android system. At least it's still relevant for the next few years. So, from there, when you go to buy a Realme cell phone, check when the cell phone will be released.

A study presented by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) indicates that the average age of a smartphone is 4.7 years. So if the age is above that, it could be that the work system is no longer optimal. A performance drop has occurred.

Moreover, the various features it contains are often irrelevant today. It is obsolete, it is lost in the latest version.

So from there, you are more advised to buy the latest release. In fact, it doesn't matter if you buy an old version, but make sure that the different features are still relevant to use now. In addition, the Android system can still be used for the next few years.

Large RAM and internal memory

Supporting various activities for multitasking, you should look for a phone with large RAM and internal memory. A large RAM will make work faster as the operating system becomes faster.

Combined with no less jumbo internal memory, you can install various applications and store lots of valuable files.

To support various daily activities more easily, try to buy a Realme HP with at least 3 GB of RAM. Meanwhile, 4 GB of internal memory is recommended. If you have more needs, choose a smartphone with more internal memory.

Equipped with superior features

Other tips try to dig deeper, what features do you need. Because indeed the mobile phones manufactured by Realme are produced with various advantages. For example, the NFC feature makes it easier if you often find yourself in areas with weak signal and phone networks.

NFC has many advantages, you know, it can be a "substitute" for a digital wallet when there is no signal, automatic door openers, when driving KRL, etc.

It can also feature water, dust and other resistance. For those who like to play games, the various gaming features offered by Realme can also be considered. There are many game features, for example Game Space. Moreover, it is powered by a mid to high class gaming processor.

Pay attention to the camera specs

Today's cameras aren't just for selfies. More and more, various online activities, whether for the learning process or work, require a good camera as a medium. So that the results can always be good, clear and of good quality so that various activities go more smoothly.

Additionally, various millennial and Gen Z jobs today have a lot to do with cameras. So choosing a good quality camera with high resolution is the main thing.

To support various daily activities, a camera with a resolution of 8 MP is now sufficient. For those who struggle with the world of content creators, it would be better to choose a smartphone with a higher camera resolution. Usually, this top camera also comes with various features that make it easier. There's grid, aspect ratio, HDR, shutter, geotagging, face recognition, and more.

Also select battery life

With the increase in the need for the internet and smartphones, the longer the battery life. Especially for those who have worked outside a lot.

So from there, when buying a cell phone, also consider the battery power offered. Is it enough for the various purposes used or not. Do not leave it because it only favors one feature, the battery is underrated.

In case of urgent use, the battery is low or even exhausted. You can use a power bank, but that will weigh things down. Expenses may increase.

Price is also a consideration

Specifications and features are indeed important to note. However, it is no less important to consider the price set by Realme. Realme phones are known for their affordable prices. The most expensive so far is around IDR 10 million. Of course, it is equipped with various excellent features, deadly innards.

So, if you have a poor budget, there are also many Realme phones priced at IDR 1 million. Even though it's cheap, the features are still tempting to buy. Suitable for beginners switching from featured phones to smartphones. Be sure to fit the various specs you are looking for with the budget you have.

These are various tips that you can use when you want to buy a Realme cell phone. If you are interested in buying various Realme phones, you can request a counterparty to make transactions in the Blibli/Realme store. The information is provided accurately, from the specifications to the checkout process transparently explained. The choice of types of Realme smartphones is also very diverse, from affordable prices to empty pockets.