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51+ types of Google products and their functions

As we know, the biggest search engine technology currently is controlled by Google. Google is a brand that operates in the sector of services and products on the Internet. Google, headquartered in the United States, was first discovered by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Behind its history, Google has now obtained extraordinary achievements from the numerous products available. The present products are needed by many people and mainly help human work. How many types of products does Google offer? Learn more about the types below.

1. Google Mail

To use it, users must create a new account via mail.google.com. This email product allows users to send letters electronically in the form of text, audio, video, images and documents.

2. Google Translate

Google Translate is a useful Google product for language translation. This language translation can be transferred from one language to another. There are already dozens of languages in the world that can be automatically translated using this product.

Google Translate is accessible via the link translate.google.com. You can not only translate languages in a romanized way, but also include the characters used by a particular country or region. For example Chinese, Japanese, Korean, to Arabic characters.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a Google product in the form of online cloud storage. Google Drive offers a storage capacity of up to 15 GB to each user. Almost all types of data can be stored in this app which can be accessed through web or mobile app.

Google Drive not only offers private data storage but can also be used to share data through storage links. Google Drive is accessible to users through the drive.google.com link.

4. Google Sky

Want to see the state of the sky or objects in the sky? You can visit Google Sky now. Google Sky is a Google product that can clearly display the sky map and everything in it.

You can visit Google.com/sky/ to see a map of the sky captured by Google using its space satellite. On this page you will find other features to visualize the surface of the moon and Mars. You can also print the sky map search results all at once.

5. Google News

Google News is an Internet product provided by Google to provide updated news from around the world. The news you find on the news.google.com page can be filtered according to your area of residence.

6. Google Books

Google Books is an online book search service provided by Google. With this service, you can find books based on author name, title, publisher, year of publication, and number of pages in a book.

The Google Books service itself has a spin-off application namely Google Play Books which is also a digital library provided by Google. Google Play Books features millions of digital books that users can access for free or for a fee through mobile devices.

7. Google Search

Google Search is the largest search engine service owned by Google LLC. Google search is currently ranked at the top of the most used search engines. Google Search is performed using Python, C, and C++ programming languages.

Almost any Android, iOS or desktop device can be synced using this search engine. One of its advantages is being able to provide precise information on the keywords you are looking for.

8. Google Trends

Google Trends is a service product owned by Google that summarizes trend information. Google Trends will show statistics on the number of hot searches on the Internet. Regarding the results that are displayed, you can filter by region or by language.

9. Google Docs

Google docs is a service owned by Google which is used for word processing. Google docs can be used to enter data, edit it, save it, and print it as a paper file. Google docs can be used online via the docs.google.com page.

The word processing service offered by Google docs is almost similar to Microsoft's Microsoft Word application. But the difference is that Microsoft Word can be used offline in a desktop application.

10. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a calendar service owned by Google. This service does not provide the usual Gregorian calendar. You can schedule your activities only through mobile and desktop. Google Calendar is automatically synced with all holiday alerts.

You can access the Google calendar via the web or download it via Playstore or iOS on your smartphone. Google calendar is part of Google workspace which is very useful for scheduling or reminding meetings or certain days.

11. Google Hangouts

Google hangouts is an instant communication service developed by Google in the form of texting, VOIP and video calls. Google Hangout has improved its functionality and the name has been changed to Google Meet.

During the Covid-19 pandemic yesterday, the use of Google meet was quite effective in avoiding face-to-face meetings. Google Meet is used to make remote group video/voice calls. This application is accessible via the web or the mobile application.

12. Google URL Shortener

Google's URL shortener is a service that cuts or shortens a site's URL links. This service initially worked for Google toolbar and feedburner services. But Google is developing a URL shortener separately on the goo.gl page.

An easy way to shorten links using Google URL Shortener is to visit the goo.gl link. You can also download the ad extension in your browser, then right-click on the site you want to shorten the link for, then click shorten link and copy.

13. YouTube

Youtube is a video sharing service where users can upload, watch and share videos with other users. Youtube is now controlled by Google, which not only provides video viewing features, but users can also earn income from it.

The way it works, those of you who have a channel on YouTube can monetize your video works. Some ads will appear on your video. If visitors manage to watch the entire ad or click on it, you will win.

14. Google Fonts

Another service offered by Google is Google Fonts. Google Fonts is a free font management service that can be applied to the web or your desktop device. Google Fonts is good enough to change the font type of your website or blog.

To use this service, you can visit font.google.com and then type in the phrase whose font you want to change. Next, you'll be prompted to copy the code, which you can paste into your website's HTML code.

15. Google Now

Google is now a service provided by Google to users as a personal assistant through the device you use. Google is now known as the Google Assistant, capable of performing its functions when you speak a command on your smartphone.

This service is also able to automatically display features through settings. Some of the features that can be displayed include breaking news on the home page, voice commands, one-click work orders.

16. Google Ad Mob

Google admob is a mobile advertising service acquired by Google from owner Omar Hamoui. Google admob offers app developers to monetize the apps they publish. The presence of Google admob really helps developers to improve the quality of their applications.

17. Google Play Store

Google playstore is a service from Google that provides applications, games and digital content via mobile devices. Playstore used to be known as Android Market mainly on Android devices.

Google Playstore itself offers a wide selection of digital distribution such as movies, books, games, and apps. Not only can it be used on mobile devices, Playstore can also be synced with Android TV, Wear OS, Chrome OS and web based devices.

18. Google Sync

Google sync is a service provided by Google which is useful for synchronizing emails, contact lists and calendars on mobile devices. This Google sync takes advantage of Microsoft Exchange Activesync 12.1 features that are generally still on desktop devices.

19. Google AdWords

Google adword is an advertising service provided by Google to businessmen to present their commercial brand. If Google adsense and Google admob are for publishers, then Google adwords is useful for advertisers.

Google Adwords is quite effective for those of you running a business to improve product marketing. Your product advertisements will be displayed on various platforms both in search engines and in related applications.

20. Google Maps

Google Maps is a digital mapping service provided by Google. Google Maps helps users find the location of a place through the provided web map path. The features included in Google Maps are satellite imagery, 360ยบ panoramas and road maps.

Google developers are continuously improving the quality of Maps by launching a child service of this app. An example is Google Street View and Google Street View Inside Trusted, whose function is to see detailed street maps.

21. Google Pinyin

Google Pinyin is a type of Google service for entering text with Chinese characters. Google Pinyin provides Chinese input methods in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese models.

This method of entering Chinese characters can be enjoyed by Internet users on Windows or Android. This service is a form of language development and is included in the Google translate or Google translation section.

22. Google Earth

Google not only provides satellite map features from Maps, but some also provide an overall picture of the shape of the earth. We can say that Google Earth is a globe that is accessed virtually, where you can see images of regions of the earth from satellite captures.

23. Japanese Google Entry

Not much different from Google Pinyin, Google Japanese Input is also useful for typing Japanese characters such as Katakana, Kanji, and Hiragana. Google's Japanese entry can be installed on Windows, Android, macOS, and chromeOS devices.

Installing Google's Japanese input feature is quite simple. You can enter general keyboard settings. Add a new keyboard and select Japanese, select Kana font and click OK. Then you can use Japanese script keyboard.

24. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browser or browser owned by Google. Google Chrome allows you to easily find various information on the web. Whether in the form of articles, blogs, news portals, images, videos, audio or documents.

Google Chrome can not only be enjoyed by Windows users but can also be downloaded on macOS, Linux, iOS and Android based devices. To download the app according to your device, you can visit the website at google.com/intl/chrome/.

25. Google Adsense

Google adsense is a content monetization service provided by Google to its users. Google adsense allows content creators of blogs or YouTube to earn money from ads served by Google.

To be able to take advantage of Google Adsense monetization, Google provides requirements for publishers. For example, there is a minimum number of visitors/views, subscribers or how long the active period of the account must be fulfilled by the publisher.

26. Bloggers

Blogger is Google's blogging service that allows you to write information for personal and professional purposes. Blogger is often used as a "diary" by bloggers to note interesting activities carried out by the author.

However, due to the evolution of digital business, bloggers are widely used to create business portfolios. Blogger helps business people to introduce the company and the products it sells more widely.

27. Google March

Google mars is one of the features provided by Google Sky. As the name suggests, Google Mars is useful for viewing conditions from the surface of the planet Mars. This image capture uses space satellite technology sent by Google.

28. Speak to Tweet

Speak to tweet is a service provided by Google to communicate on Twitter. This service is useful for leaving tweets via Twitter by calling the international phone number that has been designated to leave a voice message.

This service was launched during the Egyptian state revolution on January 26, 2011. At that time, the Egyptian people protested in Cairo by shutting down all internet activities, including Twitter.

29. Google Groups

The Google Group is a service owned by Google that is useful for conducting group discussions through online forums. This Google Group is almost similar to Google Hangouts or Google Meet. The difference lies in the mode of communication.

Google groups are only useful for email or email communication. Meanwhile, Google Hangout or Google Meet can be done via video/voice calls.

30. Google Flights

Google Flights is a Google service that is useful for finding airline flights in your area. The flight information displayed is flight destination, flight date and airline flight price options.

31. Google Suite

The Google suite is a collection of Google-owned cloud services to help you with your work. Google suite is now known as Google workspace which has several collaborative productivity application services.

Some of these cloud computing applications include Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Forms, Google Mail, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides. To use the service, your device must be connected to an internet connection.

32. Google Search History

Google Search History is a useful feature for managing the history activity of your Google account. You can enable or disable web and app activity, search history, and YouTube history from your Google Account.

The way to set it up is to visit the activity.Google.com page and sign in to your Google account. you can exercise account control over your activity on other Google services.

33. View Google Recipes

For those of you who love to cook, Google has launched the recipe display service for its users. This service will display various recipe information and recommendations of dishes that interest you.

34. Google Bookmarks

If you're wondering how many types of Google there are, Google Bookmarks is one of dozens to hundreds of Google-owned services. Google Bookmarks was once useful for marking up web pages in the browser.

You can find this cloud storage based Google bookmark in Google Chrome browser. Using bookmarks really helps users to save important web pages, which will be revisited later.

35. Google Scholar

Google Scholar, also known as Google Scholar in Indonesia, is a useful service for exploring scientific works or topics. Google Scholar was first launched in 2004 by Alex Verstak.

With Google Scholar, you can find information about scholarly works in the form of web articles or file formats like pdf, docx, and others. This service is often used to find references for theses, theses and dissertations in online publications around the world.

36. Go

Google Go is a lightweight search engine service launched by Google. Google go offers mobile-friendly features suitable for novice users, where it is easy to quickly find information on the Internet.

37. OpenSocial

OpenSocial is a set of application APIs launched by Google for social networking applications such as MySpace. This application uses the Javascript programming language in the development of its application projects by the developers.

38. Google Swiffy

Google swiffy is a tool for web use which is useful for converting files from SWF format to HTML5 format. Google swiffy is very useful for displaying flash content on mobile devices where the device does not support flash.

Google swiffy itself which is operated by Google company was first launched on February 11, 2014. However, due to some reasons Google swiffy stopped working on July 1, 2016.

39. Rechapcha

Recaptcha is a useful security system service to protect a website against fraud and misuse of data. Of course, you often encounter the recaptcha security system in the form of non-robotic verification or riddle answers before entering the website.

40. Darts

Google also offers a special service in a programming language called Dart. Darts can be used for Flutter. Flutter itself is a UI toolkit as well as a cross-platform app. Dart is included as an open source programming language.

By learning the Dart programming language, you will easily run Flutter itself. This programming language is already used by large companies such as Tencent and Alibaba.

41. Map Navigation

Maps navigation is an additional feature of Google Maps which is useful for providing voice-assisted map navigation. Map navigation helps motorists determine the direction to the intended location.

How map navigation works, before driving you need to determine the intended location and activate GPS on your device. You can click on a route and a navigation direction will appear following the path shown by Maps.

42. Mobilize

Mobilize is a useful extension tool for extracting information from the web and making it a mobile-friendly site. Mobilize can be installed as a Chrome browser extension on the web.

43. PageRank

PageRank is a website search algorithm owned by Google. Pagerank itself is a term that indicates the score level of a website which is calculated based on the Quality Score and quantity of inbound links on the Google search engine.

The ranking of this pagerank itself is calculated from the number of web pages between 1 and 10. The determination of PageRank is taken from various evaluations. Starting from the quality, web content, keywords, meta tags, links and the popularity of the web itself.

44. Snapshots

Snapshot is a useful Google service providing information to its users. For example, information related to work schedules, reminders, stock market updates, birthday reminders and the like.

To enjoy this snapshot app yourself, you can set it up on your mobile device. You can automatically get the information you want through the Google Assistant function, so the Google Snapshot function will work automatically.

45. Google Image Search

Google Image Search is an image search service from Google. The Google image is the same as the Google search engine, the only difference is in the search results. If Google search displays information as text, Google image search will display images.

46. Google Finance

Google Finance is a Google service that provides information on domestic and foreign financial markets. The financial information displayed can be in the form of stock quotes, ETFs, crypto, and more.

47. Google App Engine

The Google Application Engine is an application owned by Google that is intended for developers who want to build and run applications on websites. The Google Application Engine itself can be run through hosting facilities on Google's servers.

The Google Application Engine can be used for free, but with limited functionality. Among them, with only 500MB of storage, bandwidth for 5 million page views per month, and limited CPU capacity.

48. Google Moon

Google moon is a useful feature that displays a map of outer space, precisely the surface of the moon. Just like Google Mars, Google Moon can be accessed through the Google Sky site. Google moon will display images of the moon from Google company's satellite image capture.

49. Google surveys

Google Survey is a survey service provided by Google to users in order to improve the quality of Google products and services. This application can be downloaded on mobile devices. Users who complete surveys will be rewarded in the form of Google Play balance.

50. Google Class

Google Classroom is a Google platform that provides online group learning services. Google Classroom is for schools that do learning or send in assignments without face-to-face.

Similar to yesterday's Covid-19 pandemic, Google Classroom has become an alternative learning medium, where teachers can still provide materials in Google Classroom. Students can also submit assignments and receive assessments at the same time on this platform.

51. Google Meet

Google Meet is the latest product from Google that allows users to meet face to face in groups over a secure video connection and supports all devices, both desktop computers and mobile phones.

For smartphone users, it is sufficient to download the Google Meet application from the Playstore, while desktop users can simply enter gmail.com and select the Meet menu to start a meeting with colleagues or friends.

So, these are the different types of Google products that exist today and will most likely continue to be developed by Google both in terms of security, functionality, functionality and user experience in order to reach more users in the world.