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Benefits of Google Assistant

Become multitasking using 5 functions of the Google Assistant

For some people, the advanced features of their smartphone are often forgotten or their function may not be known. In fact, the role of these features can help facilitate activities when using a smartphone for certain things. One of them is Google Assistant, the most sophisticated product made by Google.

The question is, do you know the function of the Google Assistant itself? Even though the product was launched in May 2016 and has been used by 1 billion devices, according to Think with Google, there are still many people who haven't used Google Assistant properly. In fact, Google Assistant can help you multitask in daily activities.

What are the functions that can help you multitask in your daily activities using Google Assistant? Come on, see the following explanation.

Set reminders

For those of you who have a busy schedule for work, meeting someone, having fun, Google Assistant has a feature to create reminders for certain times. This is because Google Assistant is already connected to other Google products, including Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Keep.

This way, you can create reminders using Google Assistant in an easy and convenient way. The way to set a reminder using Google Assistant is to simply say "OK Google, set a reminder for my monthly meeting" or something. You can also set reminders for designated meeting times and locations so you don't forget.

Sending the message

When you're busy chasing work deadlines but need to message colleagues or superiors, Google Assistant can be a solution. This is called multitasking and is an optimal time saver. By simply saying "OK Google, send an SMS to..." in the Google Assistant menu, the message you want to send will be generated and can be modified before it is actually sent.

Know the traffic conditions

A problem that naturally occurs in big cities, including Jakarta, Indonesia, is traffic jams. For those of you who work in big cities, Google Assistant can be a solution for real-time traffic conditions. Where, it can help you when traveling to and from work to find the best route in traffic jams.

The Google Assistant connected to Google Maps can guide you to the best route when using it. By saying "OK Google, take me home or take me to work", Google Assistant will find the best route and notify you of traffic conditions at that time.

Find and read news

To find out about certain events or conditions today, you will of course seek this information through online media news. Google Assistant can also be used to find news as well as read it. Saying "OK Google, play the news", Google Assistant will read a story from the selected source.

You can use it while relaxing or taking breaks like breakfast or lunch. Sure, you can multitask by meeting your basic needs, but still don't miss any news with Google Assistant.

Translate words or phrases

The next function of Google Assistant that should be used is the translation of words and phrases. One thing to know is that Google Assistant can translate 188 foreign languages to choose from. When you are abroad on a business trip or tourism, Google Assistant can be a solution for translating foreign languages that you are not fluent in.

For example, when you're in France and you want to say thank you in that language, just say "How do you say thank you in French?" Google Assistant will respond "Thank you". Therefore, you can rely on Google Assistant to easily translate a language.

Well, actually, some of these features are just a part of the many advanced features of Google Assistant that you can put to good use. For example, easily search for new songs or movies. Fancy features like Google Assistant sometimes go unused by many people when using their smartphones.

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